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Self-Portrait in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

How to Make a Self Portrait in Adobe Illustrator CS6 from St. George Web Design on Vimeo.

Welcome to another tutorial brought to you by St. George Web Design. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a Self Portrait Illustration in Adobe Illustrator CS6. In this tutorial we will be using the blob brush and the pencil tool. Let’s get started.

Step One:

Create a new CMYK document. The document size is letter and the orientation is landscape. Name the document Self Portrait.



Step Two:

Once you have a new document go to File>Place and find the image you want to create a Self Portrait from. Check the Template box and click Place. This will dim the image to 50% and lock the layer.




Step Three:

Create and new layer and name it Outline. This Layer will be the top Layer throughout this tutorial.



Step Four:

Now double click on the blob brush tool and change the settings. Set the fidelity to 1.5px, set the size to 5pt, set the size mode to Pressure, and the variation to 5pt. The Pressure option will only be available if you are using a tablet that is pressure sensitive. The one I use, which is great, is the Wacom Bamboo Create. If you do not have a tablet or it isn’t pressure sensitive set the middle option to Fixed.



Step Five:

Now make sure you have the Outline layer selected and begin drawing the outline. Trace all the dominant lines. Do this until you are satisfied with your outline.



Step Six:

Once your are completed with your outline create a new layer, beneath the Outline layer, called Color. Double click the Pencil Tool and set the fidelity to .5pixels and make sure Fill New Pencil Strokes is selected.



Step Seven:

Make sure the Color Layer is selected and we will begin coloring in the skin. I used these RGB values: R:239, G:208, B:207. Begin by drawing with the pencil tool in the middle of the outline fills. Do this until your portrait is filled with color.



Step Eight:

Create a new layer called Shading. This Layer goes above the Color layer and below the Outline layer. Choose a darker shade of the color you will be shading over. Shade your portrait until you are satisfied.



And you are done! That is the written tutorial of how to create a Self Portrait in Adobe Illustrator CS6 brought to you by St. George Web Design!

Self Portrait in Adobe Illustrator CS6 using the blob brush and pencil tool


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